DataPrint Technology Inc.

We are an established manufacturer of compatible ink cartridges for mailing machines. We feature product lines compatible with all of the major postage ink machine makers such as FP, Pitney Bowes, Hasler and Neopost.


We are innovators in the field of mail machine ink cartridge technology. We use new plastic parts and new cartridge printheads which enables us to have continuous supply and provide a top quality cartridge.

Mail Machine Industry Experts

We pride ourselves on understanding the business needs of companies in the mail machine industry. Our 20+ years of expertise will help your company cut cost, and calibrate for efficiency.

Private label

We offer private label services for mail machine ink cartridge dealers. Build your brand by putting your company's label on the cartridges we manufacture for you.

DataPrint Technology

We also manufacture the highest quality ink rollers for hand labeller, cash registers and calculator comptible with Monarch, Casio....

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